Xbox Series X Price Leak Hints It’ll Cost Rs 45,000, Be More Expensive Than Sony PS5..

Xbox Series X Price Leak Hints It'll Cost Rs 45,000, Be More Expensive Than Sony PS5

Sony PlayStation 5 is rumoured to premiere at $499 and $399 for standard and digital editions, while the Microsoft Xbox Series X and Series S gaming consoles may cost as high as $599 and as low as $299.

Sony PS5 has understandably generated considerable hype among gamers and console fans, and Microsoft has followed the market leaders quite closely with generating the hype train for its own next gen gaming consoles, the Xbox Series X and Series S. Now, isolated pricing leaks of both the Sony PlayStation 5 and the Microsoft Xbox Series X and Series S have thrown all discussions and debates about the pricing of the two gaming consoles up in the air – while one shows Microsoft’s Xbox to be having the upper hand in terms of pricing, the other leak suggests that the Sony PS5 will offer the more prudent choice in gaming consoles.

According to a leak by Twitter user ‘Roberto Serrano’, who has been known to be involved with gaming console-related leaked information prior to this as well, Microsoft may price its flagship Xbox Series X at $499/€499 (~Rs 37,500-44,500). Simultaneously, just like Microsoft had introduced an Xbox One S lower spec gaming console alongside its Xbox One X flagship console in the previous years, reports have claimed that the Xbox Series X would get its Xbox Series S as well. For this entry-level console, Serrano, who goes by the Twitter handle @geronimo_73, claims that the price will be $299/€299 (~Rs 22,500-27,000). In comparison, Serrano’s information suggested that the Sony PlayStation 5 will cost $499 for the Blu-ray Disc edition, and $399 (~Rs 30,000) for the all-digital edition.


Shortly before Serrano’s claim, Twitter user ‘The Red Dragon’, who goes by the username @TWTHEREDDRAGON, posted a video stream cast of popular gamer, actor, host and YouTuber, Alanah Pearce. According to this post, Pearce is seen to be claiming that anonymous sources with knowledge of the matter has stated that the Microsoft Xbox Series X price will be $599 (~Rs 45,000), while the Xbox Series S is estimated to be $399. Should this hold true, the Xbox Series X will be seemingly more expensive than the Sony PS5, which most reports claim will cost $499 for the Blu-ray Disc variant.


Given all the rumours and reports, it seems for now that the Sony PS5 will most likely premiere at a price of $499/€499, which in India may translate to somewhere around Rs 40,000. If the Microsoft Xbox Series X, which is believed to offer fractionally higher performance than the Sony PlayStation 5 based on specifications revealed by the companies, ends up costing significantly higher than its more popular market rival, buyers may be skewered towards the PS5 right from the start.

For the cheaper variants, the story is similar as well. The Xbox Series S is expected to offer lower performance in exchange for a lower price tag, in which case costing around $299 will give it a competitive edge. In India, this would translate to around Rs 25,000. However, if it ends up being priced the same as the Sony PS5 digital edition, which is said to cost about $399 abroad and possibly around Rs 30,000 in India, things may tilt towards Sony’s end. The PS5 digital edition is expected to offer the same performance as its fully equipped variant, and hence, it would out-trump the Microsoft Xbox Series S in terms of the price to performance ratio.

On overall terms, both the Sony PS5 and the Microsoft Xbox Series X/S are expected to be launched some time in November, with the latter expected to premiere just ahead of Sony’s PS5. Both the consoles are expected to be priced very similarly as well, and with two different sets of rumours claiming two different ends of the price tag for the Xbox consoles, it will be interesting to see what the brands finally announce.

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