Tourist fuming after paying £5 for ‘s***ty salad’ that’s just a plate of tomatoes.

After a long day out on holiday you’re probably going to be feeling pretty ravenous – especially if you’ve been hiking.

One tourist recently found themselves in this situation after going on a “long mudflat hiking tour” – we’re tired even just thinking about it to be honest.

Following the tour, they headed out to eat at a restaurant in Amrum, an island in Germany, situated in the North Sea.

But it’s fair to say they were left feeling rather unimpressed with their food and like they’d been “ripped off”.

Taking to Reddit, the tourist, who posts under the username Gandi14, shared a snap of the ‘salad’ they had ordered, which cost €6 (around £5).

The meal consists of slices of tomato with some chopped onion on top and nothing more.

They later added that there was also no seasoning or dressing on the salad.

The Reddit post went viral, with many people in the comments quick to brand the salad “s***ty” and “sad”.

One person replied: “You got ripped off.. this is s***ty food for 6 euros.”

A second was stunned by the addition of onions: “I thought it was cheese. Onions makes it even worse!”

Another wrote: “Not worth 6€.”

“You could make a decent salsa with tomatoes and onion too. But that would require work and effort,” said a third.

Someone else joked: “Those better be good a** tomatoes.”

A fifth added: “So it’s just tomato and raw onion? That’s not a salad, that’s just throwing stuff on a plate.”

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Others thought the dish had potential and shared advice for the restaurant on how they could improve it for next time.

“Honestly, some good olive oil, salt, pepper, and a few ripped pieces of basil and I would smash this. I love raw tomatoes,” proclaimed a different user.

“Yeah they could’ve added some basil, mozzarella, seasoned it and served with some bread and then it would be much much better,” agreed a second.138208672551

However one other pointed out that these changes would hike the price even further.

“This is already €6. Adding that will make it €26. Don’t give them ideas.”

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