Teenage Boy Provides Online Classes to Underprivileged, Dreams to Create Application for Digital Education….

he coronavirus lockdown has resulted in temporary shutting down of schools and colleges, with students largely dependent on the virtual model of education. Teachers are holding online classes for students so that they can cover up the syllabus and take examinations on time.

Due to connectivity issues in many areas, a lot of students are suffering as they are unable to take live classes or understand what the teacher is teaching. As a lot of students are facing issues, a 17-year-old boy named Jaiditya Dev has decided to contribute his bit. The teenager is ensuring to teach Maths and Physics to the poor

students through an NGO-based in Delhi.

Talking about this, he mentioned, “I took up the opportunity to get connected with an NGO based in Delhi and involved in providing education and necessities to the underprivileged children”.

Explaining about his teaching process, Dev revealed that he has formal as well as informal interaction with children through video conferencing. He has realized how difficult it is for some people to access basic necessities that might look normal to others.

He also mentioned that as he learned the difficulties of online education, he is planning to develop an application that can draw more volunteers for teaching. “I never knew how I would develop this platform, but I intended to do so,” he wrote.

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