PM Modi lays foundation for Ram temple in Ayodhya

Barricades, banners, and freshly-painted walls cover Ayodhya, as the big day arrives for the brick-laying ceremony of Ram temple. The bhumi-pujan was attended at Ram Janmabhoomi by about 170 people, including select few politicians as well as Prime Minister Modi.

Many of the marketplaces have also painted their walls a new colour, usually yellow, as policemen cover the locality, awaiting instructions. While most roads are barricaded, security checks are underway, as authorities take down details of the travelers.

Senior Police personnel say that the force has been abiding by guidelines related to the pandemic, and with orders in place to disburse crowds of more than four, the police is doing its best to not allow any outsider in Ayodhya. Random checks are also being carried out to ensure the same.

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