Parrot eats apple from woman’s hand in viral video. Don’t miss the message.

A parrot is seen eating an apple from a woman’s hand in a video that has gone viral on social media.

hoose to be kind. Every single day. This is the message a short clip, which has surfaced on the internet, propagates. Susanta Nanda of the Indian Forest Services tweeted the 28-second clip of a parrot with a message of kindness.

As seen in the video that appears to have been shot in a park, a parrot is seen perched upon a woman’s hand. The parrot enjoyed eating an apple that she held in her hands firmly.

“In a world where you can be anything, choose to be kind,” Susanta Nanda said in the caption of the post.

Watch the video here:

The short clip has been viewed around 8,000 times so far and also collected over 1,000 likes on Twitter.

“Two wonderful simple sentences. Wish everybody understood. What a wonderful world it would be,”

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