Exclusive! Sushant Singh Rajput’s former assistant Ankit Acharya wants the house inmates to be questioned by CBI…

Ankit Acharya lost his job for demanding justice for his former boss, Sushant Singh Rajput. A close aide of the late actor, he was often spotted with him at the shoot and also lived in his home till early 2019. He said, “I was working with a builder as an assistant, but they saw me speaking to the media and demanding justice for Sushant as I think he was murdered. They got scared and didn’t want any legal issues, so they sacked me. But I will continue to do my investigation to prove that Sushant bhaiyya did not die by suicide and that he was murdered.”
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Not only did Ankit lose his new job, but like Ashok, Sushant’s former cook, he too was sacked by the actor’s office. He said, “I did try getting in touch with Sushant sir, but there was no reply.” He continues to harp on the fact that Sushant cannot commit suicide, adding, “Main unke nas nas ko jaanta hoon. Bhaiyya aisa kar nahi sakte.The actor’s former assistant has been claiming that a dog belt belonging to Sushant’s dog, Fudge was used to strangulate him, but those present like Neeraj have claimed that a cloth was used. “I have been doing my own observation and I have sir’s photograph. The mark is definitely not made by a cloth, but a belt. I believe it’s Fudge’s belt as there is a mark of a buckle on the side of his neck,” he maintains.
Ankit, who was almost like Sushant’s shadow, cannot accept that Sushant was being treated for depression. He said, “He was not depressed. The only medicine he took was vitamins related to fitness and bodybuilding.”

When asked if he knew Deepesh Sawant, who was also present in the house at the time of the incident, Ankit said, “I have spoken to him only once, but I think he has gone underground now. He should be pulled up by the CBI and given a third-degree, to tell the truth of that day.” He adds, “They unnecessarily took him to the doctors for depression and gave medicine. Everyone knows what happens after we take such medicines, people tend to get dependent on it. I think the doctors should also be summoned by the CBI, which is the only agency that will get the truth out.”
When asked if knew Rhea Chakraborty and if he thinks Sushant’s

alleged murder happened because of money, Ankit replied, “I have never met her and I really don’t know if money was the reason, but Sushant bhaiyya ka murder hua hain. Unke aane ke baad hi toh Mahabharat shuru ho gaya tha.”
Would Sushant’s family members, including his sister Meetu who lives in Mumbai visit him? Ankit replied, “I don’t know about the Malad sister, but his sister Priyanka was definitely close to him and would come home.” The actor often spoke about his mother to him, said Ankit, adding, “He had a tattoo a mother and child done on his neck, that’s how deep he felt about his mother.”
Ankit claims that had he been in the house he would not have waited for a locksmith to come and open the door as is claimed by those present in the house. He said, “When I was with him, I would check on him every 15 minutes. And if I was in the house on that fateful day,I would have broken the door and saved sir. I would not have let this happen.” Neeraj and others have claimed that they had to seek permission to enter Sushant’s room.

Ankit does not directly blame Rhea, but questions the inmates of the house at the time of Sushant’s death. He said, “Rhea had left the day Disha Salian died. Why didn’t they keep checking on him? What were they doing till 1pm to call for the locksmith?
Darwaaza tod dena tha, jaan toh bachana darwaza se jyaada zaroori tiha.” He also points out that when such a big film star was staying in the building, then why were the CCTV of that building off? There was definitely a plant to eliminate him.”
Sushant was also training Ankit to be an actor. He was giving me an opportunity to be an actor and had promised to get me a role in his next film. Alas that didn’t happen but I know he will get justice and CBI enquiry is needed in the case,” he signs off.

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