A village in Maharashtra does not sell milk..

Claiming to be descendants of Lord Krishna, residents of a village in Hingoli district of Maharashtra do not sell milk and give away the produce for free to anyone who is in need.Getty Images

Descendants of Lord Krishna don't sell milk

Descendants of Lord Krishna don’t sell milk

While farmers and leaders in the state agitated for a hike in milk prices earlier this month, residents of Yelegaon Gawali, where most of the households own cattle, have never sold milk. “The name of the village Yelegaon Gawali itself means a village of milkmen. We consider ourselves descendants of Lord Krishna and hence, we don’t sell milk,” said Rajabhau Mandade (60), one of the residents of the village, told PTI. Although 90 per cent of the houses in the village have cattle, none of the residents sells milk and the tradition has been followed for generations, he said.Getty Images

Helping the needy

Helping the needy

In case of excess production, different milk products are made, but none of it sold and they are distributed for free to people in need, the villager said.

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