Teacher’s ‘Jugaad’ For Online Class Using Refrigerator Tray Wins Praise

Schools and colleges across the country have resorted to online classes amid the coronavirus pandemic. The move to digital learning has also forced teachers to come up with innovative methods of conducting classes in the absence of a traditional classroom setup. Earlier, a video of a schoolteacher from Pune using a clothes hanger and two pieces of rope to create a makeshift tripod for recording lectures had gone viral online. Now, another online teaching jugaad or creative hack is winning much praise and appreciation on social media. 

On Saturday, a Twitter user took to the microblogging platform to share a picture of a teacher using a transparent refrigerator tray for her online class. After balancing the tray on two containers, she put her smartphone on top of it and was photographed solving a problem on a piece of paper kept on the table below. The innovative hack, which removed the need for her to hold her phone in one hand and also allowed students to view the problem as she solved it, has been widely lauded on social media.

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