Samajwadi Party Planning 108-foot Statue of Lord Parashuram in Lucknow With targeting on Brahmin Votes,

SP sources say this will be the tallest statue of Lord Parashuram and it could prove to be a master stroke for the party ahead of the 2022 UP assembly polls. The party for years relied on the Muslim-Yadav (M-Y) formula to find a path to power. But Brahmin vote bank.

he political arena in Uttar Pradesh seems to be heating up ahead of the 2022 state assembly polls, and after the recent killing of gangster Vikas Dubey, a Bramin, opposition parties seem to be vying with each other to appease the community. After Congress leader Jitin Prasada started a forum to highlight the problems and atrocities related to the Brahmins, now the Samajwadi Party (SP) too seems to be gearing up to woo voters from the community in the state.

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